zurückbleiben bitte! (please stand back!)

please stand back (excerpt)

7min38sec, DVD video

Above and below do not exist at first, and other indications of direction do not work either. The picture itself is an agglomeration of details that are constantly being created and disappearing, becoming and ceasing to exist, assembling and breaking up. … (Marc Ries)

The work is an exploration of the soundscape of the metro station “Schönhauser Allee” in Berlin. Contrasting the sounds of human activity from the audio track, the visual layer shows other-worldly, deserted places, where time seems to stand still. Visual elements dissolve and are extracted from the continuum of perception. Given the somnambulistic execution of the pathways of daily routine, most people might be able to relate to this spatial experience.
A subway station is a public place with a special space-time structure – a place of waiting, going and coming. Our hearing is different while we are waiting…

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